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You are a higher education institution and want to offer your students double degrees and international exchanges?

Offering your students the possibility of obtaining a double degree and experiencing an international exchange is a unique opportunity for your institution: to attract new students, to make your educational content known beyond the borders and to expand your school’s network.

Unfortunately, setting up these partnerships with other international schools can be complex for your institution:

Because of these obstacles, some schools are unable to develop their international offer and therefore their attractiveness, missing an essential opportunity for the development of their institution.

That's why we created the Talent

The Talent (TLT) is a currency and payment system to facilitate the academic and international mobility of students.

The Talent is a token issued by the Collège de Paris, via the blockchain, to facilitate the life of international students and the schools that host them.

Students can acquire Talents via our dedicated website and then use them as a tuition payment solution for their international programmes.

Issued on the basis of 1 TLT = 1 €, the Talent will be able to appreciate in value, reflecting the quality of the programmes to which it gives access, without the risk of speculation.

Are you a student who dreams of studying abroad?

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to raise your level, acquire new skills and develop your community and network.

Unfortunately, many students find it difficult to pay for their international education:

You then run the risk of not realising your dream of studying abroad, at a time when financial and economic uncertainty increases the administrative complexity of travelling and studying abroad!

What is blockchain?

It is a technology that keeps track of a set of transactions in a decentralised, secure and transparent way, in the form of a blockchain. It allows its users, connected in a network, to share data without intermediaries. It has several advantages: speed of transactions, security of the system and gains in productivity and efficiency.

Buying Talent
is an investment in your student future


your registration procedures for your studies abroad


your TLTs in a secure and simplified way


your TLTs in all member higher education institutions


in a currency that will be valued according to the quality of the chosen training programmes

The payment solution
for your international studies

The Collège de Paris has always worked
for European and international mobility

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I am a student, why buy a Talent?

Le Talent (TLT) is the easy and accessible payment solution for all students around the world to make their study abroad project a reality. No more problems with non-accepted currencies, risks of fraud, or exorbitant bank fees.

I am a higher education institution, why buy a Talent?

Talent is the payment solution for higher education institutions around the world that want to enrich their curriculum and educational content with double degrees and international exchanges. For example, a Nigerian partner school wishing to purchase an exchange programme with the Collège de Paris will be able to acquire Talents to finance this project.

How does the Talent work?

The Talent (TLT) is a currency and payment system to facilitate academic and international mobility of students. It is a token issued by the Collège de Paris, via the blockchain. Students can acquire Talents via a dedicated website and then use them as a payment solution for tuition fees for their international programmes at schools that accept them.

How long are my Talents valid?

There is no time limit on the validity of the Talent, you can buy TLTs today and only use them in a few months to finalise your enrolment abroad and pay your academic fees. However, their value will change in the future.

How much does a Talent cost?

To date, one Talent = one euro. The value of the Talent may evolve to reflect the quality of the academic programmes in which they will be enrolled, without any risk of financial loss or speculation.

What are the partner schools?

All Collège de Paris schools accept Talent, and many other schools in the extended Collège de Paris network have already expressed interest in this payment system, which also makes it easier for host organisations to receive international students.

Where can I buy Talents?

Today, Talents are available for purchase on our dedicated website, launched by the Collège de Paris. Tomorrow, it will be possible to purchase Talents on one or more authorised platforms.

What mechanisms guarantee the value of my Talents?

How does blockchain work?

The payment solution
for your international studies